Friday, September 21, 2007

Checking out the nationals course in Tahoe

Jess and I left Bear Valley this morning and drove up to Incline Village to pre-ride and run the course.
The rain gods decided to leave everything dry, which we were very excited about.
The course was killer...the recent rain left the trail in perfect condition (no dust!) and the views were as spectacular as I remember them. I don't remember the major downhill being so plagued with is a tough decent, especially at race pace!
Oh yeah, I did crash...I somehow managed to land on my feet after being dislodged from my bike (it felt like I was in the air for a while) when my front wheel hit a rather large rock and stopped. I had that split second thought that this is going to be bad but my "cat-like" reflexes (ha, ha) saved me from what could have been a painful ride back to the condo. To be honest, I wish someone was there to see this happen b/c it probably looked pretty crazy. After I marched back up to the trail (I flew down the hill a bit) I found my new bike set nicely on a soft kind.
After my ride I ran 1 lap of the run course.

Jess and I then got some grub at a local cafe and then headed back to Bear Valley.
All said and done, it was a great day with some solid training. sophie even made some new dog friends at the dog park in Incline Village.

Well, off to get some pizza and beer at the local hot spot.
Take care and stay tuned.

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