Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ranked #1 in the country and two-time west regional champion

As it stands now, I am ranked #1 in the country for the 25-29 age group and I am the 2007 west regional champion for the 25-29 age group. You can accumulate a maximum of 250 points in a season and the only way to accumulate 250 is to win your age group at 3 Xterra events (they only score 3 events in a year) throughout the season. I am one of 14 athlete's in the country to have 250 points.
Last year I won the west regional champions jersey in my first year of doing Xterra and at nationals this year I will become a two-time regional champion. Hopefully all goes well during the race and I walk away with a national champions jersey too but this is no easy task as there are some solid athlete's to compete against. Last year, I was crushed by now pro Cody Waite so I have yet to win a national champ jersey and I wouldn't mind taking that one back home. Of course, my focus is World's so I think I am still a few weeks from peak fitness but I am still ready to compete against the best Xterra athlete's in the country.

--This is last years regional champions jersey

Check out this years regional champions jersey...

Check out the link below to the Xterra ranking page...®ion=&divisionmajor=13&orderby=overallrank&sort=asc&+=+GO+

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