Friday, October 17, 2008

My "feel" is returning...

It feels so nice to actually "feel" the water. I am certainly not swimming hard workouts or anything but I can actually swim with a bit of efficiency and power now, which is fantastic. My swims right now consist of getting to the pool around noon, swimming under the blazing sun and loving every minute of it...the way swimming should always be, right?! Ha, ha my days of sunny, relaxing swims will be short lived b/c in a month or so the weather will turn and I will most certainly be attending morning masters swims regularly. The thought of 6 am swim workouts is hard to swallow right now when I have such a sweet noon time swim routine =)
See, the days of swimming slow must end for me and that requires some serious time in the water. I am willing to put in the time and it's time that I will need to bring my swimming up to the level it needs to be...time and an insane amount of yards/meters. So, my winter/off-season mission will be to swim, swim, swim...who's coming with me? =)

--View from my "backyard"

I am getting back my "feel" for the bike and run too. The legs are turning over easier and hills aren't quite so daunting. I love when fitness starts to come back, even if it is base fitness. My base mile rides and runs have been great...time with the dog and warm weather. The joys of California!
And yes, I have been doing work...Skinfit, coaching, sponsorship proposals (just so you don't think I am a slacker!)
Well, off to the pool for my "hard" noon session... =)

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