Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeling good...

Well, I have recovered from my move (it probably took me about 5 days!)and I am feeling more normal. In fact, I am getting in some very solid training and feeling pretty good, which is a bit suprising. It helps that I am getting some good sleep finally.
Two days ago I had an awesome mountain bike ride. I went out for a little under 3 hrs and just nailed of those rides when your just flying downhill like your on rails! It was great and got me so excited I even went for a 30 min transition run and carried a bit of a harder pace (just for fun of course =) )
Yesterday I hit the pool for the second time and got in a mellow road ride with Greg. I still don't feel very good in the water but it is coming back ever so slightly. I am just logging mellow base miles with the goal of entering my 2009 season with a HUGE base and solid foundation from which to build off of.
I will be doing this type of mileage until late november and then I will take a couple weeks off before I really start back at it mid-december.
I am just glad I am feeling more myself and am able to get in some good training days.
Coaching is coming along and I am getting new clients every week which is great. I love coaching and I really look forward to working with my athletes.
Well, off for my long run and then time for some work.
Have a good one out there!
Oh, if you or anyone else would like coaching for the 2009 season get in touch with me...I am accepting a few more athletes! Contact me by email at

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