Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Base, base, base

I spent friday getting in 3 good workouts under the blazing sun...the weather has been amazing! Friday night we had a big birthday celebration to attend and had a blast. Here are some pictures from the party...I thought I would "showcase" the three women in my life that keep me on track =)

-Me and Jess

-Me and Mom

-Me and Grandma

So, let's just say saturday wasn't a very productive day but it was probably good b/c on sunday I joined a big group and rode 90 miles and spent 5 hours in the saddle. This is an annual ride put on by the Hwy 68 hillbillies...I had a great time and logged some serious miles. It felt good to be back on the bike and putting in some time...it has been a while since I have gone this far and, honestly, I even questioned my ability to finish the thing (seeing straight at least). I did manage to finish and felt suprisingly good.
Monday I got in a run with the dog and then went up north for a little work.
Now, the base miles continue...

On another note, James Walsh and I are teaming up to do a 12 hr mountain bike race in Temecula on November 14th. I am really excited! James and I are both sponsored by Matisse and Jack's so we will be racing as "team Matisse and Jack's!" If you haven't tried their products you are missing out!!!! Seriously, they make some great "bake at home foods" and I often times feel like I live on them! Plus, the company is run by two incredible people that have supported me for the last three years...Aaron and Sarika, you two are incredible! Thanks for all the support. Now, please visit their website and get yourself some "goods"...you won't regret the purchase but you might become addicted, especially to the chocolate chip powersnacks!

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