Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The move is finally over (almost)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that was a serious process! We officially have way too much stuff and I am so happy to have donated TONS of it to Goodwill/Salvation Army. We are beyond beat. I feel like I raced for 7 straight days! Now we are in need of some serious relaxation.
We are staying with family for the next month or two before we relocate down to S.D. (so, yes we do have to pack up another uhaul in a couple months but all the really hard work is done and we have simplified our lives big time!)
We have some loose ends to tie up today and then we are home free...we are heading down to San Luis Obispo tomorrow for some time away, to see family, see some friends and, of course, to get in plenty of riding/running. We love it down there and it is the perfect place to go when we need some normalcy in our lives.
So, now we are off on a whole new adventure and it is going to be great on so many levels. I have to tip my hat to my amazing wife b/c she has been so supportive of all these changes. I love you Jess, your the best!
Now, I can finally get back to some training. Given that it is October now and I am really preparing for next season I won't be doing anything crazy but I would like to spend the next couple months building up my fitness again with some longer base miles. The past 2 months have been touch and go and, quite frankly, I am really out of shape and I feel it on every run/ride/swim. I am looking forward to getting back on the trails and the great weather is going to make it that much more enjoyable.
That's it from here...just thought I would send out an update.


jameson said...

I'm glad to hear you are finally done moving... I know the feeling. Moving is torture.

enjoy the riding & running (and hopefully some beers) you guys deserve some R & R.

Matt said...

We're coming into some of the best weather for Central/South Coast Cali! Enjoy the "work."

Bottoms up!

Noelle said...

hey trev, wow! all these changes! good for you for keeping everything in perspective. change is so tough but so good, too. i know you'll be great at whatever you do. say hi to jess for me.

Nik said...

Hi Trevor,
I sent you an email about training. Please get back to me.