Friday, October 31, 2008

Winter is here (in my mind at least)!

I know winter is here b/c I did my first ride in the rain yesterday with Reto! I know it isn't "officially" winter but it sure feels like it. The temps have dropped, the roads are wet, people forgot how to drive, the smell of wood fire is present every morning, I need to wear gloves and a beenie when I run in the mornings...I love it. Well, I don't really love the rain but I like it when it get a little chilly and I get to break out all of my cool Skinfit cold weather/winter gear.
It was actually a VERY cool ride yesterday...we went for a couple hours up through the Santa Cruz mountains and since the wind was blowing so hard there were thousands of leaves falling (since we were in the forest) for the entire 40 min climb up hwy looked like it was snowing and it felt so awesome to be riding through it all. Too bad I forgot my camera!
Since it is slated to rain this weekend I have no excuse but to swim so swim I will. Plus, I will be back in the weightroom b/c I am not quite sore enough =)
Happy Halloween! Have a good weekend everyone!

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