Monday, October 6, 2008

Final day in SLO and back "home"

My final day in SLO was spent getting breakfast at the beach with Jess and Tom and then we cruised back up to north county and I went for another ride through the vineyards. I love it out there, it's just amazing! I really feel like I am getting back to normal after the move and it feels awesome to be training again (despite feeling completely out of shape!) Four days in SLO was just what the Dr. ordered and I think Jess and I are feeling much more relaxed.
Today we drove back up to Salinas and then I went out for a run with the dog and then hit the pool for the first time in over a month! The water felt great and the sun was out in full force but swimming is plain HARD right now! It will come back soon but it sure is hard after such a long "break."
Things are going great in terms of coaching. I am really excited about all that is happening!
I am pretty busy with everything right now but I feel so happy and so relieved. It is a good busy and I am stoked!

Life is full of choices...hmmmmm

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