Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weights...oh, the soreness!

I am back in the weight-room and man I feel sore today. I certainly went light yesterday as it is my first time back in a while but wow! Ha, Ha, I love it though b/c I know everytime I am in there I am getting stronger and will be able to push bigger gears on the bike, run up hills faster and pull harder in the water (all with less fatigue!). So, despite the soreness I will continue =)
To be honest, I haven't really focused much on weights over the last couple of years b/c I spent my time logging miles in all three sports, which I think was necessary. Now that I have a good foundation (lots of miles) it is time to work on my weaknesses and develop my power in all three sports. So, I think time in the weight-room is going to change the game for me next season giving me the strength I need to really compete.
Besides that I am getting in the water a few times a week (come November I will up the hours spent in the pool so that come December I can really get after it)just for "feel." I am doing a lot of drills right now and nothing hard(or even moderate). I am on my mountain bike a few times a week (hardly any road riding right now) and I get out with the dog for runs a few times per week. Since it is November if I don't feel like training I don't and I try to take 2 days off completely. This is normally the time of year when I really "shut it down" but since I haven't raced since June I am doing some work now to prepare myself for December when my Base phase begins.
The key with Xterra is that the season is so long so I will be careful to not do too much now b/c I want to be fired up to race come October 2009.
Well, that's it from here. Have fun out there!

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jameson said...

agreed. there is going to be serious time spent in the gym this offseason!