Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 2 (yesterday was day 1 and I did my long run)

The day started REALLY early (Thanks Reto!) as I had to take Reto to the S.F. airport. I could have come back and slept but I decided to get my training under way and got in my first trainer session. The rain was coming down hard and, in the mountains, snow plows were clearing the roads...crazy. So, time on the trainer was fine, especially since I had to get in some spin-ups, single leg drills and some strengthening. I wrapped up my session in 1 hr and then got some grub before heading to Stanford masters.

--my office this morning

Okay, let me start by saying that this workout today was just silly...20x150 on your base interval +5 sec. I understand that I need to put in the work but could we please make my time in the pool somewhat enjoyable?! I mean come on, 20x150...it just doesn't get more boring! It was one of those workouts that when I got in the shower I just stared at the wall and wondered what the hell just happen...seriously, 300 warm-up and then basically 3 k straight (yes, it was long course).
Welcome back to Stanford Trevor!
After swimming, I did some grocery shopping, shipping of packages and then went out for a trail run before it got dark. I love running these trails around here, especially with the rain as it has made the trails so soft and tacky. Plus, running during the winter is
So, a solid day of training. Tomorrow I am heading back to the pool (for some redemption!) and, since it is slated to be sunny, I will head out for a longer road ride.

Stay warm and dry out there.

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Luke said...

man...it's gotta feel good, back into the swing! i can't wait...looking to finalize the plan over the next week or so.