Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Settled and getting back to a normal lifestyle

Jess and I are finally down in San Diego and are getting settled in our new place. Most all of the boxes are unpacked and the casa is decorated. We still have some loose ends to work out but everything is falling into place. Our location is pretty sweet, we can cross the street and we are on the beach or the bay, we can walk down the street and there are TONS of restaurants, bars, and shops. So, there isn't a lack of things to do and the scenery is pretty hard to beat.


I started back with my training on sunday and it feels great to be back at it. I don't feel too bad, except in the pool, which is to be expected. Everything will be back to normal shortly and I am fine with the lack of fitness since it is December. A lack of fitness now is actually a great thing and, while it makes the training a bit harder, I am fine with it.
I am swimming at UCSD, which is a nice facility. The only thing that bums me out a bit is that I have to drive so much to find good riding and running. I have been really lucky in that I could just ride road or mountain and run on trails right from my front door. Now, I pretty much have to drive somewhere to find solid riding without a million stoplights and for me to hit the trails requires a drive too. Things could be worse so I will make it work and there are so many other perks that it offsets the driving ( I think =) ).
Overall, we are stoked to be down here and I think there are a lot of good times to be had. James has been my local resource and a huge help so thanks goes out to him. It is nice to actually have a training partner now and there are so many resources down here that it is almost overwhelming. So, all is good here at the beach. Now, back to my list of things to do =)



Luke said...

good times await!

Matt said...

Welcome to SD, Trevor. If you're in to sand, the entire stretch of beach on the ocean side (jetty to cliffs) is a total of 6 miles up and back. Can't beat the scenery. Cheers.

Zippy said...

Night rides Tues, Wed and Thurs in Los Penasquitos, UCSD's killer master's program, SDBC and Swami's group rides, TCSD club races and aquathlons. Whew! Plenty of training options.

Dan said...

Welcome to SD. What a sweeet landing pad!