Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, today marks the last day of 2008 and what a year it was. Perhaps the biggest year of my life in terms of change. 2008 provided some struggles but, in the end, Jess and I came out on top and are moving closer to our dreams. Bring on's going to be a great year, I have NO doubt!

Training has been going well. I got in a masters session, a trail run and a trainer session yesterday. Today I logged another masters workout (up in north county b/c UCSD is closed) and got in a fun mountain bike ride. It felt great to be back on the trails as I have been away from my mountain bike for almost two weeks. I am actually feeling pretty good in the water...let's just say that I am swimming faster now then I did all year last year and I haven't even done that much intensity in the pool (I am doing some different things this year and they are no doubt helping, the results have been rapid and obvious). Some good'ol hardwork in the pool in 2009 and we will see what kind of times I can post...I just can't keep swimming the way I have been for the last couple years (ie. way too slow!), change is coming =) The next few days involve some longer rides with Luke, a buddy of mine down here and some runs. UCSD opens back up this saturday so I will hit the pool over the weekend

The rest of the day is all about enjoying this great S.D. weather with Jess and the dog. We are heading to the beach and then we will find something exciting to do close to home.

--I have had some questions about wetsuits recently. I am lucky enough to be swimming in an Xterra Vendetta, which is the fastest, most flexible and most boyant wetsuit I have ever worn. If you need a new wetsuit or just want to swim faster contact Xterra and pick one up!

--Oh, we are making bread these days with this breadmaker...amazing! It is my new addiction =)

Have a good one everyone and have a good 2009!

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Luke said...

i am diggen how everyone is so optimistic about '09! it will be a great year for sure!! happy new year!