Friday, December 5, 2008

My week so far...

So, Monday marked the beginning of my 2009 training/racing campaign. December is a "prep" month for me and I get more serious starting in January. This weeks workouts have been decent and what I expected. Some time in the pool (I felt terrible all week but oh well), some mountain biking and a few trail runs. Basically though, I spent most of the last 5 days getting used to my surroundings and finding my way around. I have the pool and some decent trail running down but I still have a lot of exploring to do on the bike before I find some nice routes. I am excited about UCSD masters...the group is good, there are tons of workouts, the facility is nice and they have long course, which is key.
When I wasn't training I was busy with Skinfit, coaching and getting our living situation all dialed in. I think we are finally set and it feels great!
This weekend I am going to do some riding. On saturday, I am going to go do the famous Swami's ride in north county to see what this is all about (and to learn some riding routes) and then on Sunday I am headed out east with one of my athletes for a longer road ride. I am sure Jess and I will sneak in some time relaxing with some beer and the beach/bay. I really love being so close to the water! I need a kayak =)
Have a good weekend everyone! Thanks for reading.

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Marie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. We miss you up here already. Can't wait to come and see you soon.