Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 7 and 8

--Winter riding fooling around, it's cold up here!

Sunday I started out with another Stanford masters session. It was a challenging set that included 17x100. 5x100 at base +5, 100 easy, 5x100 at base, 100 easy, 5x100 at base -5. I felt decent as the session went on. Swimming meters is getting much easier (relatively speaking), which is a great feeling b/c the first few workouts were rough! After swimming I rested up a bit and then head out for my long run in the afternoon. I got in 1:25 of hilly running.

--Sans pelo. This is my christmas present to my family, they love it when I cut all my hair off ;)

Today has been a lazy day and will be a day off for me. I logged almost 20 hours of training last week and, while I feel good, I am certainly tired so today is a good day to take off. This week will be challenging from a training standpoint just b/c of the holiday. So, I will get in another masters session tomorrow morning along with a trainer workout. Then, it is up to Sacramento to spend Christmas with family.
I will have my running shoes and that will likely be the only thing I will get in as pools will be closed and the roads will be wet.
This week is a great time to relax and be with family so I am going to enjoy it and get back to structured training after Christmas.
Hope everyone is getting that shopping done. Have a good one and thanks for reading.

--Passed is key!

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FatDad said...

Merry Christmas Trevor. Hope you enjoyed some rest!