Wednesday, December 10, 2008


On saturday, I hit up the famous Swami's ride. It was a good time and a solid group to ride with. Plus, the weather was perfect! The pace was fairly comfortable for me, which was good seeing as how I have only ridden a few times in the last few weeks. After the ride I went for a short transition run on the beach and a mellow drill session in the pool. I wasn't feeling 100% on sunday and monday so I decided to lay low and rest up...I think the move was finally catching up with me. By Tuesday, I was ready to roll and I got in some great training. I went to masters and got in 4k and then met up with Eric Palmer for a mountain bike tour of Penasquitos Canyon. The day was so nice and I felt so good so I went for a short transition run after the ride.

This morning I went back to masters...mental note, test sets take place on wednesdays=) Joy, 14x100 with 1,4,7,10,12,13 as fast as you can go and the rest just cruising. I sucked it up despite my "out of shapeness" (ok, not a word but I am rolling with it) and swam okay. I never really struggle to swim fast 100's though. I need to work on swimming fast 500's, 1000's, 1500's (duh!). So, even though I just got back in the water it didn't entirely surprise me that I swam between 1:07 and 1:09 for all the hard hundreds. So, if I could just hold that 1:07 pace for a 500 or 1000 I think I will be better off =) I am sure when I have to swim this set again in a couple of weeks the fast hundreds will all be sub 1:05, maybe even a couple seconds faster ;)
I really like the morning masters group at UCSD. There are a ton of swimmers and plenty of people kicking my butt. So, the motivation is high everyday when I get in the pool, which is what I need to get faster. Tonight I am heading out with the Swami's group for a night mountain bike ride. Should be a good time and a chance to get to know more of the riders in the club.
I have a couple more swims on tap this week, a trail run with James and then some riding on some "new" roads out east. So, good times ahead.

Oh, I picked up a new sponsor/partner...Saris Cycling Group, the makers of Powertap, trainers, bike racks, etc. A great partnership to have and one I will take full advantage of.
Have fun out there and thanks for reading!


Marie said...

Congrats on the new sponsor!

Pedal Circles said...

d00d so lucky!! I want a power tap soo bad!

I think you'll enjoy the ride on Saturday! You sticking around for the post-ride fun? :)

Dan said...

Looks like you've landed in SD and gotten down to business. Another month and you'll have been everywhere. Congrats on the new sponsor - now you have to post some power tap graphs from your rides. Have a great weekend!

FatDad said...

Sweet sponsor hookup!