Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick update

We are in San Luis Obispo right now and have been for the last few days. We are heading back to S.D. today...I really can't wait to get back home.
I have been gone for a couple weeks now and I need to get back to a normal routine. My 9 day "isolationist" training camp went well. I got in some great swims, rides and runs and my motivation went through the roof. After my training camp Jess and I went up to Sacramento for Xmas. We had fun with family and, overall, it was a pretty mellow holiday. On the 26th we cruised down to SLO to spend some time with my family. Now, we are on the road again, this time back to sunny San Diego.
My training last week was pretty light and unstructured. I did get in some workouts but nothing too serious, which is fine as I think it will serve me well as the season progresses.

This week I will be back at it with some higher volume...can't wait!
Hope all is well. Have fun out there!

--She is ready for the beach!