Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back in action...

Jess and I got back to S.D. Monday night. A long drive but one I am getting kind of used to these days. In fact, I will be driving back up north early next week and will be gone for another couple weeks doing events for Skinfit.
Yesterday, I started back with serious training after a recovery week. I feel good after some downtime...fresh mentally and physically. I did my first hard run with some max HR testing. It felt good to really push myself as I haven't done so in a while. Of course, I am insanely sore from the work on the track...I haven't been struggling like this in a while, which is to be expected since I haven't run that hard in a long time. After my run, I did a recovery swim with some drills and I felt surprisingly good. I wrapped up my day with some time on the trainer. Overall, a great day of training. I am back at it today with a full day of workouts and then tomorrow is fairly mellow with just a swim and some core work.
On another note, Skinfit and 53x11 Coffee are partnering up this year. We will have a Skinfit booth at several California events this year and at everyone of these booths we will be serving 53x11 Coffee. We are really excited about working with 53x11 and we think it is a partnership that both companies will benefit from. In addition, Matisse & Jack's is also on board with us and we will be providing tasty treats at our booth for all those interested in Skinfit. So, we have quite the lineup planned for our scheduled events this year...come by our Skinfit booth, checkout the best sports apparel on the market and grab some 53x11 coffee and a matisse & Jack's snack. We think you will leave our booth loyal to all three brands!
Our first event is the Jenny's Light 5k in Los Gatos and then we are heading to Arizona for Trifest. You can always learn more about our Skinfit plans, happenings, etc. by following our blog.
Have a good day out there and have fun!

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Luke said...

welcome back! i will be hitting it hard on the bike this weekend if you're interested...probably incorporating a little tour spectating on sunday at palomar. lemme know dood!