Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nice weather and good training...

Training has been easy with such killer weather. After a solid Monday with time in all three sports, I set out for another day of training on Tuesday. I started my training day with a swim at the Coronado long course pool...a little over 3k with an emphasis on drills/form. Then after a little work I knocked out my run along the bay. It was a run centered on more drills and strides...basically, a warmup before I did my strengthening. I am starting to get some running legs, which feels good.
Today I am hitting noon masters for a little dose of sunshine =) and then riding some local mountain bike trails for a few hours. It will no doubt be a good day.
I am itching for a little roadtrip up north for some different training. Not 100% on this but I have the itch so we might make it happen.
Enjoy the day and have fun!

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