Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day of rest...

Today is another day off for me before returning to full-blown training tomorrow. It has been a good rest week and I am sure today will be another relaxing day (we are heading to SLO to rehash some good'ol memories from our college days!).
This week I got plenty of rest, met up with friends, drank plenty of local wine and beer, and spent some quality time with Jess and family. I managed to get in a little bit of training to keep the body loose and the muscles firing but the main goal was REST physically and mentally. Mission accomplished and now it is time to get back to work! Tomorrow I will start to incorporate some harder workouts and I am excited to see how my body responds.
My guess is we will head back to S.D. tomorrow after some early morning training. I think the weather might be a little better down there or at least not so cold =)
Hope all is well out there. Have a good day!

FYI-I will try to update my blog more often moving forward. A lot will be happening in my life over the next several months so I want to keep everyone updated. You can also follow me on twitter (which is linked to my blog) to get updates throughout the day. A bunch of exciting stuff with Skinfit, coaching and training/racing!

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