Monday, February 2, 2009

The weekend and a great monday...

--Not a bad view

This weekend was kind of weird in terms of training.
On Friday, after a swim in the Coronado long course pool(so nice!) with Jess, a trainer workout and my first tempo transition run (I was moving pretty good...kind of surprising), my buddy Tom and his wife Amy came out to S.D. and stayed with us.

-View from the pool deck. Makes the workouts a little more tolerable...just a little bit though ;)

On Saturday morning, Tom and I got up at 5am and drove up to meet James so we could carpool up north for our long mountain bike ride. We planned to get in 4 hrs or so with tons of climbing. After about 2 hrs of climbing and then some descending we had to call it a day b/c James' bike "exploded." Well, kind of "exploded," but either way it basically stopped functioning. So, our long ride turned into a not so long ride but we did get in 2 hrs of climbing, which was solid.

-Tom at the top of the first climb
Then Sunday turned into a my day off. I was really tired so Jess and I just sat around and then caught the superbowl. A mellow day for sure! I planned for a day off today so I just flip-flopped sunday with monday.
Today I got up bright and early and knocked out a good masters session and then Tom and I head out for a mountain bike ride with plenty of low cadence climbing. In about 30 min I am off for a run on the bay and then Tom is heading back to AZ. So, the past few days have been fun and I did manage to get in some training.
This week is loaded with workouts and I am looking forward to it.
Well, off to enjoy some more sunshine along the waters edge =)


Luke said...

next time brotha!! keep me posted on the weekend plans. i'm not sure if it is going to be raining or not, but i owe crankbrothers a visit. the next time you wanna hit those OC trails maybe we can hit two birds with one stone and crankbrothers can meet another cool athlete!

Zippy said...

Cool seeing you guys Saturday. Catch you next time.

Slater Fletcher said...

Bummed I missed you guys! I guess I had my blinders on keeping pace with Luke... Hopefully I will see/ride w/ you guys next time around!