Monday, February 9, 2009

What?! Snow!?!

I am sitting here in Atascadero (San Luis Obispo North County)at my folks place and it is DUMPING snow! Seriously, I came up here to train and to get away from the hectic scene down south. I think the snow is very cool and it is certainly a change of pace, just not sure if I need this much change =) I am seeing a trend here...everytime I leave San Diego and head up north I get stuck in a snow storm. It's not like I am traveling to Tahoe or something. I am basically on the coast (as the crow flies the ocean is only 10 miles away)and I am not at elevation. Hmmmm, not sure what this means but I am going to roll with it.
So, nothing I can do except enjoy the novelty of it all. We are only about 1000 feet up so pretty low snow levels but in about 5 minutes I can be 1000 feet lower and just be getting some light rain. Truthfully, I really wanted to get in some good riding up here but it looks like I will be confined to the trainer this week (the exception being tomorrow as there is sun in the forecast). I am sure people are thinking that I can ride in the rain...well, I certainly could but I rode in the rain so much when I was in college I am kind of over it and, honestly, it just isn't worth it when I have such a flexible schedule these days.

This is really the PERFECT place for a training camp. The house is isolated and away from busy roads, crowds, etc so I am surrounded by complete silence. The bed and house is amazingly comfortable so I can completely relax when I am not training. As far as training goes, I have a sweet 50 meter pool within 5 min., AMAZING traffic free roads where I can ride for 5 hours (with a lot of climbing) and only see a handful of people and NO stop lights (okay, a few stop signs), in the house there is a treadmill, weights, stretch cordz, hot-tub, and the list goes on.
So, aside from this snow I am in a training mecca and I am looking forward to putting in some work.
I took the weekend off from training. The past 3-4 weeks have been filled with training and I needed a mental and physical break. So, today I am feeling much more refreshed and ready to roll.
I hope all is well out there. Have fun!


Luke said...

i think god wants you to be a pro skier instead! ;) looks cool man!

jameson said...

damn dude... well if it makes you feel any better it's still raining down here.

when's the slo training camp?

Ryan Denner said...

Aside from the snow, I envy your training locale!

Lilith said...

wow. looks like a great place.