Monday, February 23, 2009

The days fly by...

The last week has been pack with training, Skinfit work, coaching and some fun.
I feel like I have been so busy, which is good but I am always having to do something right now...what happen to relaxing on the couch ;) Seriously though, things have been busy and it is all good because it means we are selling Skinfit (really stoked this is starting to take off!) and my coaching business is flourishing. Oh, and I am getting pretty fit with some solid workouts in the books.
I knocked out my first couple hard runs last week, which felt good. I was so sore but it felt good to really suffer for the first time in a little while. I have been doing plenty of strengthening on the bike and I am feeling much stronger. Swimming was on the lighter side last week because of the increase in intensity on the run and bike. I did get in a few drill sessions, which are always helpful.
Reto came into town this weekend and we had some good times at the local bars/restaurants. Plus, I was lucky enough to have him go to the pool with me and we worked a lot on my stroke and I now have several drills to work on. I already feel an improvement from the work we did...seriously good stuff he has me doing and I am certain I will be swimming faster (I already am.) For a while I have wanted to go swimming in the bay, which is 100 yards from my front door so today I convinced Reto to go out there with me. It was a great swim...we swam from the beach behind my house, out around the Bahia Hotel to Ventura Cove, and then swam the string of bouys to get a feel for distance (Our guess is it is just under 200 meters to one end of the bouys). So, basically, I can throw on my wetsuit, walk 100 yards to the waters edge, swim around the point to the bouys, knock out some hard 400's, and then cruise home logging about 3-4k...perfect! I plan to do this often...if anyone out there wants to join me let me know!
This week is packed with more workouts and I am heading up to Northern CA for several days (we have a Skinfit booth at an event up there) before heading out to Arizona for Trifest. So, a lot of travel on my plate over the next couple weeks....not my favorite thing but I will take it without question over a desk job =) I am just loving being my own boss!
Alright, back to work. Have fun out there!


Luke said...

geez never sit still do ya!! keep up the good work!

Zippy said...

I'nm down for some open water stuff once it warms up past 65. HA! There should be a 500-yard buoy up at Torrey Pines this summer and a 250 at La Jolla Shores.

Toby Guillette said...

Props to you for "being your own boss" and pursuing your passion. Not only does that take courage, but it also requires a great work ethic. Keep doing your thing and inspiring the rest of us!