Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The SLO life...

Today brought a bit of a change in weather...sun and now snow! Still a little chilly but blue sky and nothing but sunshine.

--Nothing but land
I just had a ride on the schedule today and, honestly, I had an amazing time. Traffic free, country roads (that have been very well maintained lately...way to go SLO county!), friendly farmers, and, above all, nothing but the quite sounds of nature, which is just what the Dr. ordered. I even turned the ipod off just to enjoy the "silence" of the day. I left the casa around 10:00 and set out to ride peachy cyn...an awesome road that actually reminds me a lot of the riding that I did in Tuscany years back. A little bit of climbing and some fun, twisty roads.

The whole ride I was thinking to myself that this is what I have been craving and needing. There are certainly perks to being in S.D. but my heart (and Jessica's) is certainly in SLO. I love the slow pace and the friendly nature of the people. People are just so happy here and genuinely appreciate being able to call this place home. Deep down this is my speed and I pretty sure we will be calling this place home once again not far down the road.

The rest of the day I am relaxing, visiting some friends, doing a little work and getting the pup some exercise with that amazing invention, the tennis ball. Some more training on tap tomorrow but more than anything this week is about recovery. This is the perfect place for me to realize what I love about the sport, to get TONS of sleep, and to generally be relaxed and happy.
Hope all is well out there. Have fun!


jameson said...

you forgot the other great thing about SLO... you are close to the Firestone Walker Brewery!

Zippy said...

We all need a little solace now and then. SD gets crazy for sure; especially living right next to the UC!

Luke said...

murrieta/temecula has a ton of foreclosures for cheap!! definitely slower out here...but still probably not what you are looking for. ;)

what...no snow today?! looks amazing dude!

Matt said...

Fresh produce on the east side of the 101, fresh fish on the west side, local wine and beer, the weather, the vibe. . .you know I'm sold. Have fun "recovering."