Saturday, February 28, 2009

Solid day in the books...

This morning I set out to do some serious climbing on the road bike and climb I did. My guess is I got in somewhere around 12,000 feet of climbing on 3 major climbs. The plan was to meet up with Reto and the Stanford Triathlon Team about 1:45 into my ride but I missed them so I rode pretty hard trying to catch them and didn't manage to meet up with them until 3:30 into my ride. I met up with them at the top of the last major climb, west alpine. My ride was 4:30 and I was pretty beat after it.
We rode back to Stanford to drop the bikes off and do our run. Reto let me know that we were running about 2 k at tempo, which didn't seem too exciting given the state of my legs from my time on the bike. We both pushed through and managed to get in a good tempo effort and then we cruised the rest of the run. After the bike and run we got in the pool for a super mellow swim to loosen up.
So, a long, very good day of training done and in the books. I am super beat but it feels good to have knocked it out.
Oh, I didn't see one stoplight until 4 hours into my ride and when we got back to the cars I had only seen, that is good riding. How people can think it is normal to go on a ride and stop at 40 stoplights is beyond me!
No pictures today...I only had room in the pockets for food =) I will tell you that there are some amazing views in the Santa Cruz Mountains...if you watched the Tour of California you have an idea of the type of roads and terrain I rode today.

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