Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ride the ride...

Life is full of adventures. Yesterday, I woke up, jumped in the car, and did my run in PQ Canyon...a solid fartlek run that put me in a good frame of mind before my long drive up to Northern CA. After getting my morning workout in and fueling up I set off to Laguna Hills to get my new Cannondale Super Six road is an amazing bike and I can't wait to ride it!
Why haven't I ridden it? Well, my truck decided to blow smoke out of the heater vents and leak an enormous amount of coolant. Not exactly how I wanted to start my 10 day road trip...I am going up to Los Gatos for a 5k where we will have a Skinfit booth and then I am off to Arizona to represent Skinfit with a booth at Trifest. So, in Ventura I decided I needed to get the rig fixed and I dropped it off at a service station. The guy told me I need a new heater core and it won't be ready until noon the next day.
So, not really sure what to do in Ventura for the night I managed to get in touch with some old friends that I haven't seen in years. I rented a car and drove up to their place in Montecito, we ate a great dinner, and caught up on the last four years...sometimes things happen for a reason and I will just say that my truck having issues made my visit with the Bazzani Family meant to be. Great times in a beautiful place!
I hope to have my truck back by noon today so I can be on my way. Reto and I are doing a transition clinic for the Stanford Tri Team friday morning and we have plenty to do to prep for our first Skinfit booth!!!
On the training front things are good. After Reto's swim analysis I am feeling good in the water...I actually swam 3-4 seconds per 100 faster (a couple days after the analysis and with some drill work) just by making the changes, which is crazy but true (that is 45-60 sec faster over 1500!). I got in a good strength ride up Mt. Soledad and a couple good runs. Today, I have a hard run and mellow swim scheduled, which I will do here in Montecito.

Stay tuned as I continue my adventure and we get to marketing Skinfit. Skinfit is growing right in front of our eyes and it is really cool to see. We are getting more and more orders and things will only get better once we start attending races. Pretty sweet to see your hardwork paying off...I mean, Skinfit quality speaks for itself but we have certainly poured a ton of work into getting to this point where we will officially start to market our brand at events.
Have fun out there and ride the ride!


Toby Guillette said...

At least you're "stranded" in Montecito and not somewhere like Bakersfield. Good luck with the rest of your adventure and keep us posted! ~T

Ryan Denner said...

good stuff man!