Friday, February 27, 2009

Good day

The morning started early as we headed to Stanford to run a transition clinic for the triathlon team. It was a good clinic and Reto and I managed to get in a little swimming in the wetsuits.
After the swim and clinic we got some grub and then took off for a "company ride" in the local first ride on the new machine! I think it is at the UCI weight limit...seriously, it is really light!

He showed me a killer that I am sure we will throw down on in a little while =) Yes, that is a challenge Reto! I love the mountain roads here...tight, twisty, steep, free of traffic, and tree lined.

--View from the top

When we got back it was time to cook up some pizza, have a beer, and build our Skinfit display racks. I thought it was going to be a ton of work but it wasn't too bad...good thing b/c we are both pretty beat.
This weekend will be a busy one. Tomorrow is a swim, long ride, and run. Then on Sunday we will have a Skinfit booth at a local 5k (I might end up running it b/c the coach says so...we'll see about that =) ) and then we will do some other light training in the afternoon.
I will keep you posted as the weekend progresses.
Have fun out there!

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jameson said...

dude... when are going to bring me up there? I'm jealous.