Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Awesome day...mentally I am back on track

Today started out a little slow as we tried to locate some trails that are regarded as "the top 10 best mountain bike trails in the US." In a nut shell we drove FOREVER through some of the smallest backwoods towns in the country and 2 hrs later finally found our destination. It astounds me how different and slow things are around here...what a far cry from California! The 2 hrs of driving and frustration of being lost was completely forgotten once we arrived at a true mountain biking/training mecca...Tsali National Park!

This place is amazing! We first went for a swim in a warm, pristine lake without another person in sight. After our swim we took off to ride what I consider some of the best trails I have ever ridden. We spent 1:30 on tight, twisty and super smooth singletrack that flowed through the forest and along the lake. I finished the ride feeling rejuvenated and just plain happy to be alive! The we went for a short, super easy run. So, after today I am back on track mentally and I am fired up for the race in Richmond. What happen last Sunday is behind me and all roads lead to Richmond.

Then we hit up some true southern BBQ (and some beers) in Asheville. Let's just say they don't skimp on the portion size...honestly I ate about 1/4 of what was on my plate and I was maxed out (mind you I just got done training for 2 1/2 hours and didn't eat that much during the day!) Then it was back up to our little mountain cabin to pack some stuff up for our early morning departure to Richmond. Tomorrow we plan to drive to Richmond and pre-ride the bike course...can't wait!
It is onward and upward from here! Stay tuned as we take our adventure to Virgina and the race approaches.