Saturday, June 7, 2008

Update from the deep south...

This morning we took off early to get in a pre-ride of the course before the Xterra trail running races started. Cody and I rode the whole course and I am glad we did b/c this course is tricky...lots of tight turns, roots and rocks. Fun but you have to be focused the entire time or a tree can very quickly derail you.

--On the gradual climb and widest part of the course

--Cody fixing a flat

After the ride we got in for quick lap of the swim course. The water is very warm and swimming hard tomorrow will be very "enjoyable." Normally I hate jumping into cold water at swim practice but I would prefer that temp over the one we will have tomorrow without a doubt.
It is a beautiful course! You are in the trees the entire time so the sun won't be beating down on us but that's not to say the heat and humidity isn't enough already. Man, this weather is exactly why I could never live over do you people do it?! Thank you to my family for moving to California!!!

--Notice the blue number plate..pros get blue. Oh boy, it's going to be a good one tomorrow.

After our ride and swim we picked up our race numbers, etc. (#24--my first pro number!)and then went to grab some lunch at Whole Foods (I love this place!).
The we went to get the Uhaul for our road trip to Asheville and Richmond. It is going to be an epic road trip...I am so glad we decided to do this! I am here with a great group of guys and I am sure our adventure will be a blast filled with plenty of good times! We are bummed b/c Tom (one of our good buddies) couldn't make it...we miss you man! Get that work taken care of b/c we expect to see you in Richmond!
Now, it is time to relax. The legs are up and the tv is on..exactly what I need right now. I am excited for my first pro race tomorrow. It is a big step for me and I am pumped to give it a go. There will be 23 pros on the start line.
The race starts at 9:30 tomorrow so it will be nice and hot on the BRUTAL run leg of the course. At least they have a rain tent at the finish...that is where I will be for about an hour after the race if your looking for me =)
Alright, time for some inactivity. Have a good one and stay tuned for a race report.

-4 guys, 4 bikes in 1 ford explorer... a little tight but we made it work.

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