Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving right along...

So, I have back to training for 3 days now and it feels good. I feel more myself...not feeling so fat and sluggish. I can't say I feel great in my workouts (actually I feel pretty bad) but I don't really think it is from a big lack of fitness but rather a lack of "feel" for all 3 sports. I only took one week completely off but during a taper and race phase I don't get in much training so I tend to gain a little weight and feel a bit off. My "feeling" for all 3 sports will be back after a few more days and I think my fitness will return pretty quickly.
The only thing that is a bit suspect is my hip. It is getting better everyday but it still hurts and isn't firing at 100%. It will fully heal but it is just taking longer then I would like and I would be lying if I said it doesn't bother me a bit when I run.
So, my plan is to race Xterra Tahoe City this weekend and the only thing that will prevent me from doing so is my hip. The only races that matter to me this year are the Xterra National Series races and there only two more left--Ogden August 16th and Nationals in Lake Tahoe October 5th. So, if I am not feeling 100% I won't do the race this weekend b/c it just isn't worth injuring myself further. As much as I love Tahoe and enjoy doing Xterra races it is important to be smart at this point in the season.
So, we will see. I hope things are 100% and I can put in a great training day on saturday. If not, no worries...I will just stick around home and log some quality miles.
Have a good one!

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