Thursday, June 5, 2008

Packed and ready to roll....

I am all set for my trip to Alabama and Richmond. I take off tomorrow morning for a "glorious" day of travel with a bike box and a ton of's amazing how much you need to race! I am curious to see how shafted I get with my bike box and bag...they just love to take your money =)
I am really excited to head out east with some really great should be a fantastic time filled with some hardcore racing.
I have the camara and the computer so I will post updates throughout my trip.
So, stay tuned as I charge the second and third stops on the Xterra Circuit.
I will be in touch.


Matt said...

You take care of the pros and Walsh will take care of the amateurs.

Be safe and successful.

runninggunner said...

Have a great race. Enjoy the trip.