Thursday, June 12, 2008

Course recon and mechanicals

Today Cody, James and I rode the bike course again. The good news is that I felt much, much better on the tight singletrack trails. The bad news is that I had a mild spill and bent my shifter and tweaked my front wheel. Let's just say I am kind of over this whole crashing thing...I have some issues!
Anyways, we took the bike to the bike shop for repairs and things seem to be okay but the shifter will need to be replaced after this race...I just hope it holds up for the race!!!!

--James in the big ring charging it!!!

After the ride we went for a run on the course to navigate some tricky rock sections.
Overall, I felt GREAT! The legs are feeling good and with the rest I have scheduled over the next two days I will be primed and ready to get after it on sunday. I am very excited to race and to see what I am made of!
Tonight will be homemade pizza and tomorrow will be filled with a TON of relaxation and sleep. Soooooooooooooo nice....

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