Saturday, June 14, 2008

Put it in the big ring and charge it!!!!

This has been our motto here in Richmond and it won't change as we all toe the line tomorrow morning.
We started the day with a short ride on the course and followed it up with a short run. I opted not to swim while the others got in. Then we picked up our race packets and set out to get in some serious relaxation...after lunch of course.
It didn't take long before Brian and I were passed out in the living room and I am pretty sure everyone else was passed out upstairs. I love naps!
Then we got our bags and bikes ready for tomorrow (while watching euro cup soccer and some golf). The race starts at 8:30 and we plan to ride to the race course as part of our is only 4 miles away and it is the perfect way to get the legs moving.
I am feeling very good and I can't wait for tomorrow. I really feel that I am capable of posting a solid result so I will give it all I have the second the gun goes off.
Dinner is about done (I am told) and then we will just sit around some more and watch the golf match.
Keep an eye out for a race report tomorrow or monday.
Until then, put it in the big ring and charge it!!!!