Monday, June 16, 2008

Xterra Richmond

So, I have officially finished my first pro feels great to get the monkey off my back from the poor performance in Alabama!
I placed 15th overall. I am happy with my performance. I have a lot of room for improvement but that's okay with me...I welcome the challenge. Finding ways to improve in all three sports and discovering my limits is what I love about this sport. So, starting this pro journey as the 15th placed pro in Richmond is a fine place to start in my opinion. I know I am capable of more and I will continue to put in the hard work and I am sure good results will follow. Oh, and I did get my first pro points so I will be officially ranked in the overall series!
The swim was crazy as surprise here. I struggled to find a rhythm on the bike but this technical course will do this to you (and I just rode poorly--bad lines, lack of coordination, etc). Plus, I crashed and landed on my hip pretty hard. Okay, I know, I know, enough with the crashing...tell me about it! It didn't bother me during the race but once I finished man did it hurt. Lets just say that getting around the airport today is a bit challenging and I am sure people are looking at me weird b/c I can barely use my right leg (at least without some major discomfort). Oh well, it is time for a break from training so I can let me body heal before I get after it again.
I felt good on the run but I know I can run faster.
So, I feel like I put together a good performance and I am at a great starting point. I learned A LOT on sunday and I will change my training to better replicate the demands of pro Xterra racing. Well, my big racing adventure is over and now I am on my way back to California...I can't wait to get back home. It was a great trip with great guys and a ton of great memories...I can't wait to do it again!
Have a good week everyone.
I am taking the next week completely off from training...a big mental and physical break! Then it will be back to business in prep for Ogden and Nationals.