Saturday, June 28, 2008

A slight change

So, no race for me today. I was excited to race b/c it was going to be a stress free event on a beautiful course. As the week progressed making it up to Tahoe become very stressful and with the added smoke from the fires up there I pulled the plug. I will stay close to home and log plenty of miles on the bike with a longer road ride today and a mountain bike race on sunday followed by a hard transition run.
Keeping stress to a minimum is important to me. Plus, traveling to races is a lot of work and right now I just can't shoulder the load. I made the right decision and hopefully next year I can make it up there for this cool event.
So, have a good weekend everyone and I will let you know how my weekend goes come monday.

1 comment:

jameson said...

damn dude... if we would have both known we were bailing on our races we could have met up for some training or better yet... a couple of beers and a Padres game.