Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some news and some pictures

I am lucky to have two new companies supporting my efforts as a first year Xterra pro...
1. Oakley--makers of the best eyewear on the planet, hands down!!!
2. ESI grips (extreme steering Inc.)--makers on the lightest and most comfortable mountain and road grips available.

With the addition of these two companies I have a very strong team behind me...thanks for all the support!!! Where would I be without my sponsors, family and friends?!

On another note, I decided to visit the doctor today b/c my hip is really bothering me (since my crash in Richmond). It has become increasingly sore and is still swollen so I was a bit worried it was more serious then I originally thought. The doctor told me that he is 95% certain that nothing is broken b/c where I have the most pain is on the biggest bone in my body. Basically, he said if it was broken I wouldn't be walking. So, he said that it will be sore and swollen for a week or so more and then I should be fine. I will get an x-ray down the road if things don't get better through the weekend. I was just experiencing more pain then usual (it basically hurts all the time) after a crash so I wanted to get it checked out. I am not entirely sure I trust the guy that looked at it (since he touched it for seriously 10 seconds) but he did make me feel a little better about everything. I just hope everything heals and I can be back training next week as planned. Deep down I think I am fine but it sure does hurt and it probably will for the next week or so. I guess I will just have to spend the weekend wine/beer tasting in San luis Obispo with Jess to dull the pain =)

Some pictures from last weekends race in Richmond

--From here down are some cool pics from our photoshoot in SF (we have hundreds so it will take some time to sort through all of them)

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