Thursday, June 12, 2008

We made it to Richmond...

Yesterday the boys and I packed up early and drove to Richmond. It was about 6 hours of drive time from Asheville to Richmond. The time in the car hasn't been bad at all, despite driving a uhaul.
Once we got to Richmond (Which is still HOT by the way!) we pre-rode the bike course. The course is fun but the trails are pretty loose and technical, more so then I remember. I have crashed two times in the last two weeks so I don't quite feel comfortable charging technical trails but I think after a few rides on the course I will feel much better. It just takes a little time to get the "guts" back to really get after it. I am not too worried, the feel will come back.
After our ride we jumped in for a short swim...guess what? The water is hot! Seriously, could we have a normal swim please?!!! The swim is tough b/c the river is filled with large rocks and the currents can push you away from your intended destination rather quickly.
So, after a few hours out on the course we met up with my family, Whit and Dave. We will be staying with them here in Richmond. They are such great people and they are only 4 miles from the race venue. We went to a mexican restaurant for dinner and we had some killer fish tacos. Then it was home for bed.
Today Cody, James and I will be riding and running the course and then it will time for some more rest. Rest, rest, rest...can't get enough of it!
Thanks for reading and have a good one.

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